Warehouse Manager Skills & Competencies

Sample Manager's Guide: Warehouse Manager

The Manager's Guide to the Warehouse Manager Role

This Manager's Guide includes:

  • The complete set of 28 Competencies expected from the role
  • 126 Interview questions for determining a candidate's skill level in each of 28 Competencies
  • 132 Coaching tips for helping incumbent to advance their skills in each of the 28 Competencies
  • 124 Development goals to help measure incumbents' progress in each of the 28 Competencies
  • 304 Recommended resources for progressing education in each of the 28 Competencies
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Roles and Responsibilites

The primary responsibility of the Warehouse Manager is production planning and expediting; materials management; transportation to and from the plant; shipping, receiving and traffic management.

The Warehouse Manager manages operations and staff responsible for all warehouse activities. .. purchase to view all

Organizational Role

The Warehouse Manager typically serves as member of management and is considered a senior level consulting within the organization. As such, the Warehouse Manager provides functional, technical or process leadership. The organization will depend on this person's management of multiple teams. The Warehouse Manager generally is responsible for high complexity and ambiguity. As such, the Warehouse Manager provides tactical responsibilities. .. purchase to view all

Warehouse Manager Job Responsibilities

The Warehouse Manager generally has the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the overall functions of the warehouse including receipt, inventory, material handling and safety of goods coming through the warehouse.
  • Creating tracking system to ensure the orders arrive and are dispatched on time and to proper destinations.
  • Managing staffing, development, and performance management of warehouse workers.
  • Communicating warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements; ensuring all the practices comply with requirements. .. purchase to view all

Warehouse Manager Competencies

The complete Warehouse Manager Manager's Guide includes the 28 key competencies expected of Warehouse Manager. The report defines each Competency in detail. The report also explains what level of proficiency Warehouse Manager should have in that Competency, as well as how important that Competency is to performing the role well.

Among the 28 Competencies for Warehouse Manager is... purchase to view all

Inventory Management - MFG

You may observe several behaviors in a person that could be strong indicators of his or her capabilities in the Inventory Management - MFG competency. The Warehouse Manager is expected to demonstrate Extensive experience in the Inventory Management - MFG competency. To demonstrate Extensive experience in the Inventory Management - MFG competency, one should demonstrate knowledge of processes and methods of inventory management This person should have the ability to effectively manage local or distributed inventories of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods.

  • Coordinates daily work of inventory management for different locations within a facility or a supply network.
  • Ensures that the inventory is at an appropriate level and meets both internal and external requirements.
  • Reviews reports used for inventory management to find out related problems.
  • Devises standard inventory management benchmarks to improve the processes.
  • Provides guidance on inventory management for a specific product group or location.
  • Applies systems and processes to identify and coordinate inventory requirements; resolves conflicts. .. purchase to view all

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