Project Analyst Skills & Competencies

Sample Manager's Guide: Project Analyst

The Manager's Guide to the Project Analyst Role

This Manager's Guide includes:

  • The complete set of 30 Competencies expected from the role
  • 130 Interview questions for determining a candidate's skill level in each of 30 Competencies
  • 136 Coaching tips for helping incumbent to advance their skills in each of the 30 Competencies
  • 126 Development goals to help measure incumbents' progress in each of the 30 Competencies
  • 328 Recommended resources for progressing education in each of the 30 Competencies
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Roles and Responsibilites

The primary responsibility of the Project Analyst is policies and standards for in-house programs and projects, cross-functional project management support and coordination, and business process support functions.

The Project Analyst performs data and requirements gathering, business processes and cost-benefit analysis for proposed IT projects. .. purchase to view all

Organizational Role

The Project Analyst typically serves as member of team leadership and is considered a technical professional within the organization. As such, the Project Analyst provides difficult technical tasks. The organization will depend on this person's implementation experience. The Project Analyst generally is responsible for self-sufficiency. As such, the Project Analyst provides small project responsibility. The organization will depend on this person's technical supervision. .. purchase to view all

Project Analyst Job Responsibilities

The Project Analyst generally has the following responsibilities:

  • Utilizes data gathering tools and methods to analyze and gather data needed for project requirements.
  • Analyzes parameters including costs, time-lines, technical functions, benefits and risks of IT projects.
  • Supports the project manager on project administration and process improvements.
  • Prepares preliminary interpretations of analyses for project teams, clients, and/or department management. .. purchase to view all

Project Analyst Competencies

The complete Project Analyst Manager's Guide includes the 30 key competencies expected of Project Analyst. The report defines each Competency in detail. The report also explains what level of proficiency Project Analyst should have in that Competency, as well as how important that Competency is to performing the role well.

Among the 30 Competencies for Project Analyst is... purchase to view all

Business Assessment

You may observe several behaviors in a person that could be strong indicators of his or her capabilities in the Business Assessment competency. The Project Analyst is expected to demonstrate Extensive experience in the Business Assessment competency. To demonstrate Extensive experience in the Business Assessment competency, one should demonstrate knowledge of the activities, tasks, practices and deliverables for assessing and documenting business opportunities This person should have the ability to assess the benefits, risks, and success factors of potential applications.

  • Establishes business assessment procedures for multiple or critical applications.
  • Plays an active or leadership role in business assessment processes and assists in the preparation of deliverables.
  • Utilizes tools, techniques and practices for identifying and validating business opportunities.
  • Defines success factors for potential applications or systems.
  • Evaluates the processes and tools for risk assessment and benefits analysis.
  • Conducts, documents and communicates basic business assessment reviews and walkthroughs. .. purchase to view all

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