Gas Station Manager Skills & Competencies

Sample Manager's Guide: Gas Station Manager

The Manager's Guide to the Gas Station Manager Role

This Manager's Guide includes:

  • The complete set of 40 Competencies expected from the role
  • 177 Interview questions for determining a candidate's skill level in each of 40 Competencies
  • 174 Coaching tips for helping incumbent to advance their skills in each of the 40 Competencies
  • 168 Development goals to help measure incumbents' progress in each of the 40 Competencies
  • 412 Recommended resources for progressing education in each of the 40 Competencies
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Roles and Responsibilites

The primary responsibility of the Gas Station Manager is wholesale and retail sales and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.

The Gas Station Manager manages the day-to-day operation and profitability of retail gas station and ensures appropriate station appearance. .. purchase to view all

Organizational Role

The Gas Station Manager typically serves as member of first line management and is considered a senior professional within the organization. As such, the Gas Station Manager provides team or technical supervision. The organization will depend on this person's expertise and experience with complex technical activities. The Gas Station Manager generally is responsible for project management and consulting. .. purchase to view all

Gas Station Manager Job Responsibilities

The Gas Station Manager generally has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensures a consistent, quality experience for customers and that customer needs are met, complaints are resolved, and service is quick and efficient.
  • Schedules and supervises station employees; ensures that all station attendants adhere to defined policies and procedures.
  • Oversees the budget, expenses, receipts and cash transactions.
  • Determines stock needs, maintains optimal inventory levels and minimizes waste and pilferage. .. purchase to view all

Gas Station Manager Competencies

The complete Gas Station Manager Manager's Guide includes the 40 key competencies expected of Gas Station Manager. The report defines each Competency in detail. The report also explains what level of proficiency Gas Station Manager should have in that Competency, as well as how important that Competency is to performing the role well.

Among the 40 Competencies for Gas Station Manager is... purchase to view all


You may observe several behaviors in a person that could be strong indicators of his or her capabilities in the Fuels competency. The Gas Station Manager is expected to demonstrate Extensive experience in the Fuels competency. To demonstrate Extensive experience in the Fuels competency, one should demonstrate knowledge of and experience with fuels derived from crude oils or natural gas.

  • Relates experiences with manufacturing or distribution of this type of product.
  • Explains the competitive landscape among all issuers of similar products.
  • Discusses types of materials, tools and technologies employed in the manufacture of these products.
  • Describes the target markets and how the products are sold and delivered.
  • Plays a key role in dealing with special requests and customized products.
  • Describes the domestic and international regulatory environment for the product type. .. purchase to view all

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