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Understanding the Skills & Competencies of a Given Role

A Manager's Guide from provide you with a comprehensive guide of the skills and competencies required for a given job. With the report, you will get a job description, an understanding of how the role typically fits within the organization, and a list of responsibilities for the job you choose. Each report contains detailed descriptions of the skills and competencies required for the position you select. Each of these competencies is described in detail, including descriptions of the level of proficiency required for the position. Further, you will receive interview questions written to establish competency level for each of the required skills and traits, coaching tips for managing employees in the role, and goals for aiding the employees’ development.

Each Manager's Guide is designed to help its reader grasp the functional and core competencies required from an employee with a specific job. Each report lists the expected functional and core competencies for the role and explains what level of proficiency an employee should have in the competency. A manager should be able to use this document to assess the qualifications of a potential employee for a given role, help establish appropriate goals for an incumbent employee, help coach the employee, and recommend specific learning activities to help improve the employee's skill set.

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